10/07/2017 – 16/07/2017

Hi, everyone.

First things first. I’m posting this early today because I wanted you to know about a flash sale I’m holding on one of my books. Today only (17 July 2017), The Rag & Bones Novel Collection (that’s the entire series) is on sale for Kindle. Go and grab your copy now.

Flash Birthday Sale details

In other news, this past week, I finalised and ordered the proof of Ruled by Choices. I also did a read-through and two read out-louds of The Blood House. I’m nearly ready to put this up for pre-order, which will probably happen on Tuesday of the coming week.

Other things to do this coming week. Well, I want to get a boxset of the first two books of The Midgard Born Series made up, and I need to start on the fourth story in The Hunter Vampire Chronicles. The latter might be difficult, because I haven’t decided what the story is yet. 😦 I also have another project I’m cogitating upon and have had a little play with the beginning of. That one will remain project lips sealed for the moment.

This week I have completed five books:

  • Knights of the Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden (audio)
  • Writing for Children by Martha Robinson
  • Vampirates by Justin Somper (audio)
  • Mandalas by Laura J Watts
  • The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie (audio)


Until next week.



03/07/2017 – 09/07/2017

Hi, everyone.

This week was a little less productive than hoped for. The paperback of Ruled by Choices is not quite finished. So, I haven’t yet managed to order the proof copy. Therefore, I didn’t get onto The Blood House.

This coming week I’ll be ordering the proof of Ruled by Choices (hopefully on Monday) and then getting onto The Blood House. If I can do a read through and a read out-loud, that would be good. As it’s a novella, that should be possible. I also have more paperwork to do, which I’m intending to do on Monday.

This week I have completed the following books:

  • Half a King by Joe Abercrombie (audio)
  • Writing the Short Story by Roy Lomax
  • The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

See you next week.

26/06/2017 – 02/07/2017

Hi, everyone.

This has been a productive week. As planned, I completed another read out-loud of Ruled by Choices, and formatted the paperback, and sorted the cover — the last two still need some tweaks, but are basically there. Seeing as I was ahead, I also completed a paper edit of the third Hunter Vampire book, which I can now announce is entitled The Blood House, and typed up the changes.

So, this coming week, I’ll be doing another read-through of Ruled by Choices, with the paperback version. I hope to be able to order the proof copy before the end of the week. I hope to be able to do a Kindle read-through of The Blood House, as well. That may not get finished. We’ll see. I also have a bit of paperwork to get sorted.

I did manage to get A First Year of Random uploaded to the other retailers, so that’s wide now.

Finally, I put the first three Midgard Born Series books into the Smashwords sale (see notice for details).

SW July Sale 2017

Smashwords Sale: 1 – 31 July 2017

I finished two books this week:

  • Ace of Hart by Violeta M Bagia
  • The Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy (audio)

See you all next week.

19/06/2017 – 25/06/2017

Hi, everyone.

The edit of the third Hunter Vampire story was completed this week, and a read out-loud of Ruled by Choices. I also uploaded A First Year of Random to some of the sites for going wide. Unfortunately, one wasn’t working properly when I tried, so I’ve still got that to finish this coming week.  I will also be doing another read out-loud of Ruled by Choices and beginning (possibly completing) the formatting of the paperback and the cover design.  Oh, yes. And Malice and Madness releases on Monday. How could I forget that? No time for slacking.

Malice and Madness Cover

Released 26 June 2017 (Amazon exclusive)

This week I completed the following books:

  • As One Devil to Another by Richard Platt (audio)
  • The BFG by Roald Dahl

Hope to see you all again next week.

12/06/2017 – 18/06/2017

Hi, everyone.

So, I changed what I was going to do this week. I did the read-through of Ruled by Choices as planned, but decided it needed to rest before I started the read out-loud. Instead, I started a first edit of the third Hunter Vampire story. I’m probably about half-ish way through that, so should finish in another couple of days, and then it will be back to Ruled by Choices.

Just a heads up that, if you were thinking of purchasing Metally Fatigued, the first book in The Hunter Vampire Chronicles, it will be free on Amazon 22-24 June, in the lead up to the release of Malice and Madness on 26 June.

This week I have finished one book, which is:

  • Chains of Gaia by James Fahy

See you all next week.

05/06/2017 – 11/06/2017

Hi, everyone.

So, I did everything! Yes, I completed the work on my accounts, and a final read-through of Malice and Madness, and the promo pics for Malice and Madness. Yay! And then, as an extra, I started the first Kindle read-through of Ruled by Choices. I’m about a third through, which isn’t bad, as there was also some disruption to my week. So, next week, I’ll be starting to post the promos and continuing with the read-through. Tuesday, I’ve got something else on, so that probably won’t be all that productive, but I should easily get to the end of the read-through and possibly be able to start a read out-loud. At some point, I also need to think about cover pics. I’ve got something in mind, but just need to sort out the practicalities of it.

This week I finished two books:

  • Out of the Shadows by Dana Fraedrich
  • Red Rising by Pierce Brown (audio)

See you all next week.

23/05/2017 – 04/06/2017

Okay, so I didn’t post last week. Bank Holidays and life got in the way, so this week you get two for one. Yay!

So, what have I been up to? Well, I did a complete paper edit of Ruled by Choices and typed it up and I finished writing a first draft of the third Hunter Vampire Chronicles story (title not announced yet). And now I’m in the mire of end of year accounts. Ugh! This will continue for a few more days, after which I will do another, final, read through of Malice and Madness and start preparing two weeks of promo pics for the build-up to release day. That’s probably enough for one week. I don’t suppose I’ll get more done.

Unfortunately, I haven’t finished any books during this period. I find it hard to read when my mind is full of other stuff, but I sincerely hope to be finished something by next week.

Till then.