Two Different Viewpoints

Last Sunday, 3 March, there were two different documentaries on British TV about the Russian meteor. One on the BBC, which you can find here and one on Channel 4 here. (NB: The BBC usually keeps this things up for about a week and Channel 4 for about one month.)

I watched the BBC documentary live. It was very detailed and gave a lot of scientific information about how it had happened, similar events in the past and what could happen in the future. It had a short segment in Russia itself, but very little. Of course, the Horizon programmes are based around science and that is a normal format for their programmes. It was interesting, but I couldn’t say much more about it than that.

I watched the Channel 4 documentary the following night on 4OD. It was very different and it hooked me immediately. Why? Because although they gave all the same scientific information, they did it concisely without unecessary detail. They spent the rest of the programme on the people and how it had affected them and showed us little insights into life in Russia in the process. They also followed a British scientist searching through the snow looking for meteorites.

It was so much better because it had the human element.

What makes a story grip you is not the beautifully described background where the story takes place, it is how events affect people. I don’t think I have ever seen it so clearly illustrated before.

If you have a chance, why not watch the two documentaries. I’d be interested to hear what you think and which one had more of an impact on you.


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