Smashwords Lets Authors Define a Series

Another couple of days go by and yet another development in the indie publishing world.

This time it’s Smashwords pushing things further – they seem to be making a lot of changes recently! They have now added a book management tool, whereby you can name your series and add the relevant books to it – you can even do this if it is the first book and the others aren’t uploaded (or even written) yet. This should help buyers when they are searching through the Smashwords site, and through the retailer sites they distribute to, to find the next book very easily, although, unless you have many books, or your naming gives no indication of the books being a series, it may not be a huge benefit to everyone.

But everything that helps discovery is good in my books.

It’s all go, isn’t it?


One thought on “Smashwords Lets Authors Define a Series

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