Select Your Price

Amazon has today announced yet another new type of promotion. It’s now possible to discount books that are enrolled in KDP Select for a short period of time. This is something people have been requesting for a long time – a discount promotion where the purchaser can see that it is a discount from the original price. It’s just a shame you have to be in Select to do it.

Also, this week, Smashwords has announced that they are starting to ship to Oyster. After all the initial secrecy, the payment terms for authors are pretty much the same as for all the other retailers they distribute to, except that the Oyster subscribers will only have access to the books for the length of their subscription. Personally, I can’t see the attraction of such a service. I would always want to be able to keep my copy of a book, but I suppose you can never guarantee that a digital book is going to last forever.

I wonder what the next development in this fast-changing market will be.