Progress Report: 06/01/2014 – 12/01/2014

So, here we go with my first progress report of the year. First, a bit of background.

I have three projects I am currently working on:

Rag & Bones: Secrets – This is book three in the Rag & Bones series and is a full-lenght novel, hopefully coming in at around 50K.

Rag & Bones Shorts – 1983 – This is a short story series to accompany the Rag & Bones series. These short stories will fill in some of the background to the characters and will be named by the year in which the action took place. They are approximately 10,000 words each.

Sci-fi Novel – This is the first book of a trilogy. I intend this one to be slightly longer than the Rag & Bones books at 60K. It does have a name, but I’m keeping that to myself for the moment. I’ve tried writing this story more than once before. I’m hoping this time will be the one that works!

So, here are the figures for this week.


Rag & Bones: Secrets

Starting word count: 8,700. Aim: to increase wordcount by 3,000 words each day, Monday to Friday.

  • Monday: 11.718
  • Tuesday: 14,615
  • Wednesday: 17,633
  • Thursday: 20,630
  • Friday: 23,624

Goal achieved. Total wordcount: 14,924. (You might think I didn’t achieve this on Tuesday, but I actually wrote more than 3,000 words as I deleted nearly 300 in one big chunk.)

Sci-fi Novel

Starting word count: 4,634. Aim: To increase wordcount by 500 words each day, Monday to Friday, and by 3,000 words on Saturday and Sunday. This was later adjusted to remove the Sunday wordcount completely.

  • Monday: 5142
  • Tuesday: 5,647
  • Wednesday: 6167
  • Thursday: 6,640
  • Friday: 7,157
  • Saturday: 10,146

Total wordcount: 5,512. Fewer words than I had originally planned, but still a good total.


Not properly monitored, but approximatley 2-3 hours each day.


So, apart from not writing on Sunday, which I had originally planned to do, but having achieved everything else, I felt I needed a break, I think I did pretty well. Next week’s Monday to Friday schedule is identical, but the weekend schedule involves editing the R&B Short, so wordcount will be down, but not the amount of work!

Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..


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