Progress Report: 10/02/2014 – 16/02/2014

Welcome to week six. Okay, last week I said it was the week of the endless storms, but this week was worse on that count. Although it has nothing to do with the writing (and the reading), it does affect my productivity. I cannot concentrate on either when the wind is blowing that strongly outside. So, some of the counts are a little down on what I had hoped for.


Sci-fi Novel

Starting word count: 27,931. Aim: To increase wordcount by 2,000 – 3,000 words each day, Monday to Friday.

  • Monday: 30,226
  • Tuesday: 32,478
  • Wednesday: 34,704
  • Thursday: 36,675
  • Friday: 39,003

Total wordcount: 11,072. Goal achieved, but not as high as I’d hoped. This book will be my secondary writing project for next week. I hope to do between 1,000 and 1,500 words per day, Monday to Friday. My primary project will be a first edit on Rag & Bones: Secrets with a target of 5,000 words edited per day.

Rag & Bones Shorts: 1941

Aim: To edit during the weekend. Goal achieved. Next week’s target is the same. A second edit over the weekend and to work on the cover for the story.

Other writring

I also wrote an entry for the National Flash Fiction day competition (a one hundred word story), which I intend to submit next week sometime and about three hundred words on another idea I’ve had for a novel..


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

  • Monday: 3.00
  • Tuesday: 3.50
  • Wednesday: 3.50
  • Thursday: 1.00
  • Friday: 1.00
  • Saturday: 2.75
  • Sunday: 4.25

Total hours: 19.00


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..


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