Reading Habits (2) – Paper or Digital

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was one of those people who said that eReaders would never catch on and that I couldn’t imagine using one.

Those days have gone.

I read most of my books on an eReader now (probably a good 95%). I love the ease with which you can adjust the text to make if comfortable for your eyes. I love the fact that (most) eBooks are cheaper and, therefore, I can afford to read more. I  love that I can download public domain works for free, which allows me to catch up on all those classics I never got round to reading.

The only times I read paper books these days are: if I win them in a competition; I get them as a gift, or; if I want to buy a reference book (because those are generally easier to navigate in paper form).

So, I’m a convert. Are you?


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