Reading Habits (3): Traditional or Indie?

I’m a firm believer that, if you’re going to publish independently, then you have to read books that other people have published independently. That doesn’t mean that I don’t read traditionally published books as well. Of course, I do. It does mean that I want to get an idea of what other people are publishing and I want to support indie publishers. It also means that I can read critically with a view to seeing what errors they make that I can avoid – every little advantage helps!

When I first got my Kindle, I downloaded all the books that writing acquantances were putting up for free on Amazon and I’m still making my way through those. Some are traditionally published and some are indie published. I often don’t know which until I’ve finished them and find the publisher’s details at the end. I will read them all eventually. I’ve got about twenty-two books either unread, or part read on there at present, and I’m trying not to download any others until I’m finished those I have, but I’m more selective about what I download now.

There are two series I’ve started recently that were freebie firsts in the series, which I’ve put on my list to read the next instalment in the future. One is indie, one is traditional. They’re not the only books on my wish list – I try to keep that short as well so that I’m not tempted to buy too many books! I also want to read a lot of the classics that I never got round to before, which come under traditional publishing, but which I can probably download as public domain books.

So, if you’re an indie publisher, do you read many indie books? Or, dare I say it, do you just expect other people to do that?


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