Saturday Poll (2)

Today’s poll is a little more fun.

Imagine the strongest vampire you possibly can, alongside the strongest werewolf. Which one would win in a battle to the death? You decide.


Creating Push Buttons in Your Database

So, push buttons. What do I mean by that? It’s quite simple really. They’re buttons set up so that you can access other forms (or other elements of your database, but I haven’t tried that yet), at the push of a button, rather than navigating to the back-end of the database and selecting what you want.

We have another YouTube video. Yay for clever people creating YouTube videos! This one’s not so fast and it has sound.

In case you didnt catch the text you need to enter for the macro is:

Sub OpenForm_2
Const sNewDocumentName=”Form2″

Push buttons really are worth creating, because they can save you a lot of time when you’re entering data, especially when you have lots of forms, like me! Once you have the macro set up, you just need to copy and paste it and substitute the form name for any future buttons.

So, that’s everything on databases for the moment until I have time to create a few reports to show you. Currently, all I’ve set up is a query so that I can see all the random facts I’ve thrown in that I can use to link in to other stories, but even that will save me quite a bit of time when I start Book Five.

See you soon.

Progress Report: 18/08/2014 – 24/08/2014

Welcome to week thirty-three.

I’m writing this on Friday evening, as this weekend’s the Bank Holiday and I don’t expect to have a lot of time for writing blog posts. I also don’t expect I’ll have much time for reading (and certainly no opportunity for doing that on the treadmill).


So, I’ve been in accounts nightmare for most of the week, but sorting things out in small amounts each day helped make it less frustrating. I thought I was further on with it than I was before I started. So, I’ve sorted out all my paperwork for last years accounts and my spreadsheet is finished, but I haven’t done my tax return on the website yet. I’ll do that next week, when I can look at it with fresh eyes.

I did, however, push on with sorting out the paperwork for this year. Apart from the Amazon payments, which involves downloading all the spreadsheets and faffing around formatting them so they’ll print in a readable format (that was part of my frustration with getting last year’s paperwork sorted), I’m pretty much up-to-date. I’ll do that in a couple of weeks, when I can also tidy up August’s incoming payments as well.

I am vowing now to spend one Sunday a month on the paperwork and I’m trusting you’ll hold me to it.

Anyway, in other admin news, I’ve done quite a bit of updating on my website and I feel happier with it now. There’s still one thing I want to do, which is on a page that’s not visible yet, but I’ll get around to that next week. I’ve also written the database posts for this blog, one of which should be up by the time this posts, and two posts for my other blog.

I’m sure I’ve done some other bits and pieces as well, but it’s all a blur now!

Oh, nearly forgot. As well as doing the treadmill reading, I’m also trying sitting on my fit ball whilst working on my computer. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about it before, but I was listening to The Creative Penn podcast this last week and Joanna Penn mentioned she sat on one whilst working, and then it was mentioned again in The Rocking Self-Publishing podcast. I was already using it before the second time! It’s not something I could do at my desk, because that’s too high, but I can do it when I use the laptop downstairs. That’s because downstairs, I have one of those tables that are meant for using when you’re in bed. You know, the ones you can wheel underneath it. I had to adjust it up a bit to be able to get my legs underneath whilst sitting on the ball, but it works perfectly. I think it might take a bit of getting used to sitting on it for a long time, but an hour here and there is fine.

The thing about fit balls, if you didn’t know, is that balancing on them works your core. This means that just by sitting down, you’re working your muscles. Also, when you’re sitting on one, you tend to move about a bit, which means even more exercise. So much better than sitting still. Yay!

Because there are still a number of things I need/want to sort out, and because next week is a short week with the Bank Holiday, I’m designating it a mainly admin week as well. If I finish everything I have planned, I’ll start working on the Kindle version of Kindred.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

I’m going to leave out my reading totals for Saturday and Sunday, as per the above. I don’t suppose it’ll make a lot of difference. I haven’t read as much as usual this week, because of all the other things I’ve been doing.

  • Monday: T 35m
  • Tuesday: T 25m, R 30m
  • Wednesday: R 65m
  • Thursday: T 26m
  • Friday: T 25m R 60m
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday:

Total hours: 4h 26m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..

Saturday Poll (1)

Every Saturday, from now on (as long as I don’t forget!), there will be a quick and easy poll on this blog all to do with writing and reading. The first one’s about book formats. By regularly, I mean at least once a month.


Creating Database Forms – Many-to-Many

Finally, I’ve got around to writing the other database posts I promised. Actually, it’s Wednesday as I write this and I’m so bogged down with doing my accounts that I needed to break off for today and do something else.

Anyway, today’s post is about Many-to-Many relationship forms. The previous post covered one-to-many only. Once again, this post is going to be mainly a YouTube video that someone else has already created, but it’s in Open Office, so there’s a bit of difference, which I’ll explain below. It’s also silent and moves very quickly, which can make it difficult to understand, but it shows you everything you need to know.

The part about forms starts about half way through, but the rest is revision for creating the relationship in the first place.

So, the thing that’s different in Libre Office, which I found out by trial and error (and from something deep in my memory about using Microsoft Access), but confirmed elsewhere afterwards, is in what you have to write in the Sql field. On the video the different elements are surrounded by quotes, but what you need to do is substitute the quotes for square brackets, eg [ ].

So, the text ends up being:

SELECT [Field name], [ID Field] FROM [Table Name]

There, that didn’t take very long once I got down to it. The final post on the creation side of the database is going to be how to create Push Buttons. I’m off to write that now. (Except the internet connection’s just gone down, so I can’t!!!)

See you soon.




Progress Report: 11/08/2014 – 17/08/2014

Welcome to week thirty-two.

Rag & Bones – Kindred

The paperback version is nearly sorted. I got all the way through the text again, eliminating over a thousand words through revisions. I always find it amazing how reading something in a different format enables you to see it differently. I still have to finish the database updating. I didn’t do any of that on Saturday and Sunday and I’m beginning to regret that this morning as that is my main task for today.


I have continued to add more to my Midbury map, but there’s still a lot to do. I’ve also been working on some changes I’m going to make to my website on the Rag & Bones pages.

This week, after I’ve finished the datbase inputting, I’ll be taking break from Kindred. Firstly, to get a little distance againĀ  before I start on the Kindle version, but also because there are other things I need to do. The main one is to get my paperwork up to date and to submit last year’s accounts. I also want to complete the changes to the database and do some other admin tasks. Then, of course, we have a Bank Holiday weekend coming up when I won’t get much done.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

  • Monday: R 1hr
  • Tuesday: R 1hr 10, T 33m
  • Wednesday:R 2hr, T 35m
  • Thursday: R 40m, T 38m
  • Friday: R 1hr
  • Saturday: R 45m, T 33m
  • Sunday: R 35m, T 39m

Total hours: 10hr 38m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..

Progress Report: 04/08/2014 – 10/08/2014

Welcome to week thirty-one.

Rag & Bones – Kindred

I managed to get all the way through the book in six days (that’s roughly 11.5K per day), which was very satisfying. On Sunday, I checked on a couple of queries I’d marked up and also copied the book into the paperback format. Those of you who’ve been here a while will know that I do the paperback first, so that it always matches the eBook. Anyway, the words are there and ready to be read again – because it’s always good to do rounds of editing in different formats. This time round will likely be slower, though, because I intend to put the details of this book into the database as I go along. I don’t expect to get through it in less than 1.5 weeks, maybe more.

Rag & Bones Short Short

I did another round of editing on the very short story I mentioned last week. Should only need one more pass, I think.


As if that’s not enough, I started doing something else this week. Now that I have LibreOffice (must get on with those other database posts!), I have a proper drawing package. So, I started to draw out a proper map of Midbury (rather than the scribblings I have on a piece of paper beside me). There’s a long way to go, because I want to put as much detail in as possible for past, and future stories. When it’s finished, I might put it up here, as well as on my website.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week. I’m going to write this down differently this week. I’m not going to add up all the amounts for each day, just over the week. Yes, I know I’m confusing it, but it’s less fiddling for me – and this is my blog! So, R is for normal reading, sitting down.

  • Monday: R 1hr 30m, T 30m, S 40m
  • Tuesday: R 45m, T 31m
  • Wednesday: T 24m
  • Thursday: R 1hr 10m, T 31m
  • Friday: R 40m, T 33m
  • Saturday: R 35m, T 35m
  • Sunday: R 1hr 45m

Total hours: 10hr 9m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..