Creating Database Forms – Many-to-Many

Finally, I’ve got around to writing the other database posts I promised. Actually, it’s Wednesday as I write this and I’m so bogged down with doing my accounts that I needed to break off for today and do something else.

Anyway, today’s post is about Many-to-Many relationship forms. The previous post covered one-to-many only. Once again, this post is going to be mainly a YouTube video that someone else has already created, but it’s in Open Office, so there’s a bit of difference, which I’ll explain below. It’s also silent and moves very quickly, which can make it difficult to understand, but it shows you everything you need to know.

The part about forms starts about half way through, but the rest is revision for creating the relationship in the first place.

So, the thing that’s different in Libre Office, which I found out by trial and error (and from something deep in my memory about using Microsoft Access), but confirmed elsewhere afterwards, is in what you have to write in the Sql field. On the video the different elements are surrounded by quotes, but what you need to do is substitute the quotes for square brackets, eg [ ].

So, the text ends up being:

SELECT [Field name], [ID Field] FROM [Table Name]

There, that didn’t take very long once I got down to it. The final post on the creation side of the database is going to be how to create Push Buttons. I’m off to write that now. (Except the internet connection’s just gone down, so I can’t!!!)

See you soon.





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