Creating Push Buttons in Your Database

So, push buttons. What do I mean by that? It’s quite simple really. They’re buttons set up so that you can access other forms (or other elements of your database, but I haven’t tried that yet), at the push of a button, rather than navigating to the back-end of the database and selecting what you want.

We have another YouTube video. Yay for clever people creating YouTube videos! This one’s not so fast and it has sound.

In case you didnt catch the text you need to enter for the macro is:

Sub OpenForm_2
Const sNewDocumentName=”Form2″

Push buttons really are worth creating, because they can save you a lot of time when you’re entering data, especially when you have lots of forms, like me! Once you have the macro set up, you just need to copy and paste it and substitute the form name for any future buttons.

So, that’s everything on databases for the moment until I have time to create a few reports to show you. Currently, all I’ve set up is a query so that I can see all the random facts I’ve thrown in that I can use to link in to other stories, but even that will save me quite a bit of time when I start Book Five.

See you soon.


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