Progress Report: 01/09/2014 – 08/09/2014

Welcome to week thirty-five.

Okay, I know this is posting late, but it’s not my fault. Well, not entirely my fault. I did leave it till the last minute to write the post, but it wasn’t my fault that there was a power cut for a little over an hour just when I was going to start writing.

Rag & Bones: Kindred

I finished my final read-through of the Kindle version and prepared the upload page, created the cover, etc.

This week I’ll be creating the Smashwords version and uploading both as pre-orders, electricity supply permitting, of course. Yay, we can do pre-orders on Amazon now!

Rag & Bones Shorts

This week I will write the next Rag & Bones short. I think I’ve decided what the topic is going to be, just got to wind a plot around it now.

This coming Sunday will be my first regular accounts day to get everything for this year up-to-date. I hope it won’t take all day – just an hour or two.

Other Projects

I’m also starting to think about other upcoming projects. There’s Book Five in the Rag & Bones series. I have a rough idea of how that’s going to go, but I need to make it a little more concrete. I’ll probably try sketching out a little this week. There’s also the old dystopian novel lurking in the background – the one I started months ago. I want to try and give that a go during NaNoWriMo this year. If everything works to plan, it will give me something to do while I let Book Five’s first draft rest.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

  • Monday: R 1hr 7m, T 31
  • Tuesday: R 1hr 5m
  • Wednesday: R 1hr 55m
  • Thursday: R 50m
  • Friday: R 1hr 20m, T 38m
  • Saturday: R 40m
  • Sunday: R 30 m

Total hours: 8hr 36m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..


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