Progress Report: 27/10/2014 – 02/11/2014

Welcome to week forty-three.

I’m writing most of this on Friday, so I won’t have to waste too much of my NaNoWriMo time on Monday. I have to say that right now, I’m champing at the bit to get going. Anyway, I’ll do a NaNo report down the page. First, the other stuff.

Rag & Bones Short: 1978

I did another edit of this during the week and I’ve added another 500 odd words. It’s now over the 10K mark. I probably won’t touch this again until after NaNo has finished, but I’m a lot happier with it now than I was a few weeks back.


Most of the week has been spent in the planning phase, but planning did drive me a little crazy. I now have a rough idea of what all three books in the series would cover. I have a much expanded ‘World’ document. I have brief character studies for all the characters I’ve thought of so far, although any others would be minor, along with pictures of what I imagine them to look like.

NaNo progress

Two days down and, as you can see, 9455 words in. Obviously, that’s way over the daily target, but there will be at least one interruption to my writing this week, and I prefer to get ahead with these things. I wrote slightly more words on Saturday than Sunday, but the difference was minimal.

The planned structure is keeping me on track, but I’ve already changed it quite a bit. Some events have happened earlier than I planned and extra scenes have appeared, as if by magic! Yesterday evening, after a bit of a break, I started revising the text from the beginning. About 500 extra words are from that revision. I think my ambition of editing the whole of the previous day’s work was a little excessive, but if I can progress a little each day, I’ll be happy with that.

Okay, must get on with that writing.

Other Projects

Nothing to report this week.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

  • Monday: R 225m
  • Tuesday: R 240m
  • Wednesday: R 300m
  • Thursday: R 235m
  • Friday: R 300m
  • Saturday: R 145m
  • Sunday: R 190m

Total hours: 27hr 15m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..


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