Progress Report: 24/11/2014 – 30/11/2014

Welcome to week forty-seven.


‘Tis the day after the month before and as you can see from my final counter total, I ended up with 110,595 words verified. Anyone who has done NaNo themselves will know that the total that comes out from the verification rarely matches your total in your document, and the verified total is about 50 words different (more!).

The final week was tough. I started off struggling to progress Book Three, so on Wednesday I decided to write what I did know – the ending. That ended up working very well and I made my wordcounts for Wednesday and Thursday, but then got stuck again. I went back to the beginning of Book Two and started editing it, but it was clear I wasn’t going to manage 4K a day, so I revised that down to 2K, which was still a struggle. On Sunday, I really didn’t want to write at all, but I made myself get over the 110K total.

I haven’t worked out how many words I have for Books Two and Three exactly, but using last week’s calculations as a basis, I reckon Book Two is about 34/35K, and Book Three is somewhere around 25/30K.

I am not going to touch these this week (unless it’s reorganising my file, because that really needs to be done once I’ve purchased the full version of Scrivener).

Anyway, here’s a screen shot of my stats.

NaNo Results 2014Over 3.6K words per day! And here are the daily wordcounts.

NaNo 2014 wordcounts

So, what now?

Well, apart from any file tidying, I have quite a bit of general paperwork to catch up on this week, and I also want to get the R&B short published. Apart from that, I’m going to take it easy so that I’m fresh to start editing again next week.

Other Projects

Nothing. Zero, Zilch.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

R = Normal reading, A = Audio book, T = Reading on the treadmill.

  • Monday: R 230m
  • Tuesday: R 215m
  • Wednesday: R 115m, A 25m
  • Thursday: R 270m
  • Friday: R 110m, A 90m
  • Saturday: R 200m
  • Sunday: R 195m

Total hours: 24h 10m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..


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