Progress Report: 29/12/2014 – 04/01/2015

Welcome to week one.

A new year and a new start! Happy New Year to everyone.

So, what am I resolving to do this year? Well, to continue my weekly progress reports for one and as I’m starting in the first week this year, I should get to fifty-two, not fifty-one!

Will anything be different? Well, yes, a little. I’ve decided I’m going to list the books I finish reading each week. I’m resolving to read a minimum of one book per week (so, a total of fifty-two for the year), but I hope to read more than that. I’ll put the books at the end of the post, and then have a page with that year’s reads on it as well (better go and do that now, or I’ll forget).

Other things? I’m going to tentatively say I’ll have the NaNo trilogy ready to publish by the summer, as well as Book Five of the Rag & Bones series, but I’m not going to list dates. I would also like to write another two Rag & Bones books before the end of the year and several shorts. I’d also like to do the same kind of thing as I did this year for NaNoWriMo, write the bare bones of a trilogy, except be more prepared for three books rather than one.

I think that’s enough – don’t you?

Onto the past week.

NaNo Project

This was another slow week. I actually was away from home for three days, which made progress slower than Christmas week. However, I did manage to get to two-thirds of the way through Book Two. The end of this book is very sketchy at the moment and I’m having to expand the chapters quite a lot. I expect I’ll finish Book Two by Tuesday of the coming week, but it won’t be as finished as Book One. Then, I’ll be onto Book Three. Book Two stands at just under 45K at the moment.

Other Projects

Nothing to add.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

R = Normal reading, A = Audio book, T = Reading on the treadmill.

  • Monday: R 312m
  • Tuesday: R 340m
  • Wednesday: R 70m
  • Thursday: R 10m
  • Friday: R 189m
  • Saturday: R 180m
  • Sunday: R 195m, A 57m

Total hours: 22h 33m

Books Completed (this week)

Wrath of a Mad God by Raymond E Feist


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to list your achievements each week, let me know in the comments.


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