Progress Report: 08/06/2015 – 14/06/2015

Welcome to week twenty-four.

Yay! The car passed its MOT. Yay! It didn’t need any extra work. Boo! It still cost me a lot of money.

Taking the car in on Wednesday didn’t disrupt my day as much as I thought it would, luckily, and it was a nice sunny day for walking from and to town, so that was good. Anyway, on to the writing.

Nano Project (Books One & Two)

My task for this week was to do a Kindle read of Book One and an edit of Book Two. Okay, so this started off fine, but by Friday, I was getting very confused with timelines and where things happened in the two books. So, on Saturday and Sunday I finished the read of Book One and totally ignored Book Two. I’m probably about two-thirds of the way through Book Two. I’m still changing quite a bit, so Book Two is going to need at least one more normal editing pass. I intend to finish this pass by Tuesday or Wednesday of the coming week, and then I have a number of queries back and forth between the two books that I need to sort out. Then, I’ll start another edit on Book Two without any gap. I want to have both books published in eBook form by the middle of July (One available straightaway and Two on pre-order), so I should have enough time – that’s another month.

Fantasy Book 1

I did nothing on this book this week.

Fantasy Book 2

I did nothing on this book this week. I may spend some time on this book in the coming week.

Other Projects

Nothing to report.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

R = Normal reading, A = Audio book, T = Reading on the treadmill.

  • Monday: R 100m
  • Tuesday: R 162m
  • Wednesday: R 81m
  • Thursday: R 202m
  • Friday: R 122m
  • Saturday: R 146m
  • Sunday: R 189m

Total hours: 16h 42m

Books Completed (this week)

Lost City, Vol I, Tales of Lentari by Jeffrey M Poole
What the Monster Saw by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (short story)
Journey to the Center of the Earth by Julies Verne
Housewarming by Nicky Drayden (short story)
Miriam and I, after the End by I Verse (short story)
Time Machine: An End of the World Inventory by Ginger Weil (short story)
War Games by Kat Otis (short story)
The Messge by G O Clark (short story)
Five Spikes by Nicholas Diehl (short story)


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to list your achievements each week, let me know in the comments.


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