Progress Report: 29/06/2015 – 05/07/2015

Welcome to week twenty-seven.

And we’re in July. Summer. Really heavy showers and horrendous thunderstorms, but luckily, not here.

Nano Project Book Two

A full read-through of Book Two was completed, but I didn’t continue on to do the read out loud. That’s the task for next week.

Fantasy Book 1

I did nothing on this book this week.

Fantasy Book 2

I did nothing on this book this week.

Other Projects

On the two days when I wasn’t working on the Nano books, I wrote first drafts of two more short stories. I know I hadn’t planned to do this, but I’ve got the short story bug again after last week, and these two ideas were festering in my brain (Does that sound gross?) and needed to be let out to breathe.

I also formatted three paperbacks (for R&B). One is now live, the other two had issues with the covers, which was my own stupid mistake. I have some more paperbacks I need to do (including the Nano books when I’m done revising), but I think I’ll do one at a time to try to avoid any more silly errors.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

R = Normal reading, A = Audio book, T = Reading on the treadmill.

  • Monday: R 170m
  • Tuesday: R 323m
  • Wednesday: R 262m
  • Thursday: R 172m
  • Friday: R 165m
  • Saturday: R 265m
  • Sunday: R 224m

Total hours: 26h 21m

Books Completed (this week)

Dead Trees by Eli Constant
The Steps of the Priory by Sally Quilford
Scraps (Flash Fiction Collection, various authors)
Star by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (short story)
A Second Chance by Jodi Taylor (Chronicles of St Mary’s)


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to list your achievements each week, let me know in the comments.


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