The End of the Year Post 2015

Okay, so I’m not really here publishing this on the stroke of midnight on new Year’s Eve. No, really, I’m not. I’m probably having a drink to bring in the New Year and watching the Jools Holland Hootenanny on the TV.

So, Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog.

Goodbye 2015

This past year, for the most part, has been productive. I published:

  • 3 books in the Rag & Bones series
  • The Survival Project Duology (and boxset on Amazon only, so far)
  • Glamoured
  • A couple of Rag & Bones Shorts

It’s slightly less than I wanted to publish. I wanted to get the classroom novel out and to get some of the non-fiction I was working on a few months ago out as well. Unfortunately, the disruption to my life at the end of the year made this impossible. I still think it was a good amount of work to get out, but no one is ever entirely satisfied with what they’ve done.

I also wrote the first book in another series during NaNoWriMo. Obviously, there’s still quite a lot of work to do on that, and as it’s part of a series, I want to have written at least one more book before I publish it.

On the reading front, I read a lot of books and short stories. I’m not going to count them up here, but you can have a look at the 2015 page if you want to see what I read. I didn’t enjoy all the books, but I finished them all. I think, when you’re a writer, you need to read things that aren’t in your genre, or your ‘bag’ so that you know what’s out there, and to learn from what other people are doing. There were one or two books I gave up on, but those are not on the list. One book even inspired me to write my NaNo novel, so that was good.

Hello 2016

So, what’s planned for 2016?

  • First up, to get the classroom novel out. That I want to do by the end of January, latest.
  • Second, I want to write the first draft of the last book in the Rag & Bones series by end January, as well.
  • Third, I need to edit book one in the NaNo series and write book two. If I aim to write the draft of book two by end of February, but not be too strict on it, I think that’s a good target. Obviously, after that’s done I’ll need to write book three and to think about publishing them. No date for that. It’s too far out.
  • And then, there’s the non-fiction. Some of it is pretty close to publishing standard, some still has to be written as first draft. I think I’ll publish the books in stages, as I missed the Christmas sales period. Perhaps, one a month, January through April. That might be a little ambitious, but I’ll try.

Anything later in the year is up for grabs. Even so, that’s already eight books I’ve committed to publishing.

As far as the reading goes, well, I’ve still got quite a lot to catch up on stored on my Kindle, including the 10 books Kobo gave away for completing NaNo. I managed to transfer those onto my library app, so I don’t have to read them on my laptop, which is good.

Other projects? Who knows. I think I might do some more boxsets as the year progresses, just to be able to keep publishing things through less productive months. I think Glamoured and the classroom novel (I must decide on a final title for that soon) would go well together, and I’ve been thinking of putting all the Rag & Bones shorts together for a while. If I finish the final Rag & Bones novel, I can also make a big boxset for that, but maybe not publish on Amazon, so I can charge a realistic price for it.

And that’s about it.

Once again, have a great New Year, and keep reading and writing.



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