Progress Report: 11/01/2016 – 17/01/2016

Welcome to week ????. Okay, that’s a bit silly, but I’m protesting, because WordPress has forced me into a new format for creating my posts and I cannot see an option to copy a previous post. Gah! Anyone know how to do this without opening up the previous post and using copy and paste? Please let me know.

Let’s begin again.

Welcome to week three.

Rag & Bones Final

This is going well. My current wordcount is 18,456, which is within the 15-20K margin I was aiming for. As usual, it will need a lot of description added into the conversations when I do the first run-through, but I still have a way to go with the scenes I planned out. They’re pretty much following the plan I set out, with one or two things happening in a slightly different order. Over the next week I will be adding to the wordcount. I expect I’ll finish the rough draft and start adding to it in a second pass before the end of the week.

Other Projects

Doing a  little admin every day has worked well. It stopped me getting bogged down with it too much, the way admin sometimes can. I still haven’t quite finished getting up-to-date, so I’ll continue with this over the coming week. If I finish, I might start some editing on the NaNo novel.


Mon:  111 m
Tue: 105 m
Wed: 74 m
Thu: 54 m
Fri: 64 m
Sat: 66 m
Sun: 94 m

Total hours: 9 h  6 m

Books Completed

Unsoul’d by Barry Lyga
Requiems Song by Daniel Arenson



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