Progress Report: 18/01/2016 – 23/01/2016

Welcome to week four.

This week hasn’t been quite as productive as I’d hoped, mainly because for the whole middle of the week I had a stomach upset (the less said about that, the better), and although I did write, my wordcount is down on what I’d hoped. Never mind, that’s life.

Rag & Bones Final

So, I haven’t yet got to the end of the story first time round. I’m nearly there, but not quite and the wordcount stands at 32,725. I’ve probably got one, maybe two more days of rough draft writing before I go through and add in all the bits I’ve missed out. There are more scenes now than I’d planned, but that was to be expected, and a couple of things have been resolved in ways I didn’t foresee, but if you know everything when you start out, where’s the fun?

Other Projects

So, it was mainly the admin that suffered this week. Partly, because of the above stomach upset, and partly, because it was very cold and working in my office (back bedroom), wasn’t an option. Without my desk, admin is virtually impossible.

I’ve also written a 600 word story for submission to an anthology. I expect I’ll send it off this week.


Mon: 107  m
Tue: 216 m
Wed: 59 m
Thu: 37 m
Fri: 44 m
Sat:  108 m
Sun:  320 m

Total hours: 14 h  51 m

Books Completed

Discern (Katon University 1) by Andrea Pearson
What a Girl Wants by Kate Perry
Hidden by Megg Jensen



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