Progress Report: 22/02/2016 – 28/02/2016

Welcome to week nine.

So, a Leap Year. Doesn’t it really annoy you when all these reporters keep asking people what they’re going to do with the extra day? It’s a Monday. It’s not a holiday. It’s another day of work. The only people who benefit from it are the companies who get the extra labour (and I suppose people who work on hourly rates get more pay). Stop asking. Grrr. Rant over.

Back to business.

Norse Novel(s)

So, I finished the edit of Norse Novel 1, which is resting again now. I’ve also started plotting book 2. I’m not all that far through (or it may be that my notes are just scant and there’s lots of filling in to do). I’ve introduced a dreki into the mix – go and look it up. Yes, Norse mythology does include them! They’re generally bad, as in monsters, so this one’s going to be hindering my two protagonists. Yay! Oh, all right. Don’t look it up. Dreki is the Old Norse word for a dragon. Yay! This week I’ll continue the plotting and hopefully get somewhere near the end so that I can start writing it soon. I may start a read through of book 1 on my Kindle if I have time.

R&B Final

I’m about half of the way through the edit of this. It’s going well, but the wordcount hasn’t increased much. I reckon it’s going to come in at about 50K. Less than I’d hoped for, but a story is the length it needs to be. I’ll continue with this in the coming week. I hope to finish it by Wednesday/Thursday.

Other Projects

I also need to start thinking about the third book in my non-fiction series. Eek. Too much to do!

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of Instagram and the type of posts people like/don’t like. I’m also going to start cross-posting to tumblr. I haven’t really used my tumblr account up until now, and they tried to take my username back this week (well, they asked if I still wanted it, and I confirmed that I did), so I need to do something with it. I don’t  have time to create stuff for both. If I can get the auto-post to work on Instapic, even better (no dice, so far).


Monday: 124 m
Tuesday: 168 m
Wednesday: 170 m
Thursday: 78 m
Friday: 121 m
Saturday: 169 m
Sunday: 142 m

Total: 16 h  12 m

Books Completed

Fireseed One by Catherine Stine
The Boy Who Lit Up the Sky by J Naomi Ay
Delirium by Susan Kaye Quinn
The Mage’s Grave by Timothy L Cerepaka


Progress Report: 15/02/2016 – 21/02/2016

Welcome to week eight.

Not a lot to tell this week, other than the fact that a couple of weeks ago I started an Instagram account. I can’t access it directly, only through InstaPic on my new laptop, and via the website app, which doesn’t give you all the functionality (as in, you can’t upload). I’m not sure how to give you a link to it, but my username is julietboydauthor. Hope to see you over there, if you’re around.

Norse Novel (NaNo Novel)

Surprisingly, I haven’t yet finished the edit for this. I guess it’s because I’m adding so many words. I’m over 60K now and I still have seven chapters to go. So, that’ll be my first job this week. It may take one day, it may take two. I’ve already started plotting out book two, which I’ll continue this week (while I’m watching TV, if experience so far is anything to go by!).

R&B Final Novel

Once I’ve finished the above, I’ll be starting on another edit of this book. I’ll try to get as much done as I can, but I don’t expect I’ll finish it.

Other Projects

I did send off the short story this week! Yay. Well, if I hadn’t, I would’ve missed the deadline. No more short stories in the pipeline at the moment. Still no further news on the publication of the anthology I mentioned last week.


Mon: 155 m
Tue:  203 m
Wed: 103 m
Thu: 127 m
Fri: 80 m
Sat: 66 m
Sun: 142 m

Total hours: 14 h  36 m

Books Completed

Mageborn: The Blacksmith’s Son by Michael G Manning
Balanced on the Blade’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker

Progress Report: 08/02/2016 – 14/02/2016

Welcome to week seven.

Yay, a week without any disruptions! But something interesting did happen. I got paid for a story I submitted to an anthology years ago and is finally about to be published. When I have all the details, I’ll let you know about it. I should be getting paper copies as well, so I can even take a picture.

Non-fiction Book

This is now finished, but not yet uploaded. I’ll do that in the background this week while I work on other stuff.

Norse Novel (NaNo Novel)

I did a couple of editing sessions on this and have added about 1.5K words so far. It was just over 50K and I’m hoping it’ll get to 60K before I’m finished. I’m only about three chapters in, so I’ll continue with that this week. It should be done before the end of the week. If so, I’ll go back to another round on the R&B novel.

Other Projects

No, I still haven’t sent the short story off yet. It will be the first thing I do this week. It will. It has to be. The deadline is now looming.


Mon: 81 m
Tue:  62  m
Wed: 66 m
Thu: 280 m
Fri: 266 m
Sat:  183 m
Sun: 112 m

Total hours: 17 h  30 m

Books Completed

The Martian by Andy Weir
Jack and Joe by Diane Capri
Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean

Progress Report: 01/02/2016 – 07/02/2016

Welcome to week six.

So, the change of broadband supplier went surprisingly quickly. After it went dead, it took me about ten minutes to set up the new modem and get logged on. Perfect. If I’d thought it would be that easy, I’d have done it earlier!

Rag & Bones Final

As expected, I finished the first draft on Tuesday. I did write down what the wordcount was, but I don’t know what I’ve done with it, which is a shame, because it had most of my reading calculations on as well. If I don’t find it before tomorrow morning, I’m going to have to guess on those numbers. Anyway, it was somewhere around 50K (is it lazy of me not to open the document and look?).

Other Projects

I started working on the second of my non-fiction books. I haven’t finished it yet, so that will be my main project for the week ahead. Hopefully, I can finish it this week and start on editing the NaNo novel.

No, I haven’t sent the short story off yet. I will do that this week, promise.


Mon: )
Tue:  )    270  m approx
Wed: )
Thu: 145 m
Fri: 266m
Sat: 60  m
Sun: 0 m

Total hours: 12 h  21 m

Books Completed

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

Progress Report: 25/01/2016 – 31/01/2016

Welcome to week five.

So, what’s new this week. Well, I bought a new laptop (bargain price) and I’ve had to spend quite a lot of time transferring files across and uploading software. It hasn’t impacted too much on my writing, but it has affected all the other things I do. Not sure I quite see the benefit of Windows 10 yet.

This coming week might be even more disrupted, because I change broadband supplier on Monday. That could mean a significant amount of downtime, but hopefully only for one day. On the other hand, it might go incredibly smoothly and I’ll be up and running within an hour. (Taking bets on that now. What do you reckon?)

Rag & Bones Final

I’m a fair way through the rough draft edit, but not finished. I think it’ll take me till Tuesday to finish it, which isn’t too bad. Then, it’ll rest for a few weeks before I tackle it again. The word count is between 41 and 42K at the moment (nearer 42, I think), and I should get at least another 1-2K added before I finish the first draft.

Other Projects

Setting up the laptop. Yes, I know I’ve already mentioned this, but it was a significant project for the week. I think I have all the bookmarks, etc, that I need set up now, although I realised I hadn’t done one for this blog when I came to write it!

I haven’t done anything further on the short story I mentioned last week. Hopefully, I’ll get that finalised and sent off in the coming week.


Mon: 168  m
Tue: 220 m
Wed: 55 m
Thu: 99 m
Fri: 321 m
Sat: 78  m
Sun: 175  m

Total hours: 18 h  36 m

Books Completed

Concealed Power (The Healers of Meligna Series) by K J Colt
The Color of the Season by Julianne MacLean