Progress Report: 25/01/2016 – 31/01/2016

Welcome to week five.

So, what’s new this week. Well, I bought a new laptop (bargain price) and I’ve had to spend quite a lot of time transferring files across and uploading software. It hasn’t impacted too much on my writing, but it has affected all the other things I do. Not sure I quite see the benefit of Windows 10 yet.

This coming week might be even more disrupted, because I change broadband supplier on Monday. That could mean a significant amount of downtime, but hopefully only for one day. On the other hand, it might go incredibly smoothly and I’ll be up and running within an hour. (Taking bets on that now. What do you reckon?)

Rag & Bones Final

I’m a fair way through the rough draft edit, but not finished. I think it’ll take me till Tuesday to finish it, which isn’t too bad. Then, it’ll rest for a few weeks before I tackle it again. The word count is between 41 and 42K at the moment (nearer 42, I think), and I should get at least another 1-2K added before I finish the first draft.

Other Projects

Setting up the laptop. Yes, I know I’ve already mentioned this, but it was a significant project for the week. I think I have all the bookmarks, etc, that I need set up now, although I realised I hadn’t done one for this blog when I came to write it!

I haven’t done anything further on the short story I mentioned last week. Hopefully, I’ll get that finalised and sent off in the coming week.


Mon: 168  m
Tue: 220 m
Wed: 55 m
Thu: 99 m
Fri: 321 m
Sat: 78  m
Sun: 175  m

Total hours: 18 h  36 m

Books Completed

Concealed Power (The Healers of Meligna Series) by K J Colt
The Color of the Season by Julianne MacLean



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