Progress Report: 08/02/2016 – 14/02/2016

Welcome to week seven.

Yay, a week without any disruptions! But something interesting did happen. I got paid for a story I submitted to an anthology years ago and is finally about to be published. When I have all the details, I’ll let you know about it. I should be getting paper copies as well, so I can even take a picture.

Non-fiction Book

This is now finished, but not yet uploaded. I’ll do that in the background this week while I work on other stuff.

Norse Novel (NaNo Novel)

I did a couple of editing sessions on this and have added about 1.5K words so far. It was just over 50K and I’m hoping it’ll get to 60K before I’m finished. I’m only about three chapters in, so I’ll continue with that this week. It should be done before the end of the week. If so, I’ll go back to another round on the R&B novel.

Other Projects

No, I still haven’t sent the short story off yet. It will be the first thing I do this week. It will. It has to be. The deadline is now looming.


Mon: 81 m
Tue:  62  m
Wed: 66 m
Thu: 280 m
Fri: 266 m
Sat:  183 m
Sun: 112 m

Total hours: 17 h  30 m

Books Completed

The Martian by Andy Weir
Jack and Joe by Diane Capri
Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean


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