Progress Report:07/03/2016 – 13/03/2016

Welcome to week eleven.

How are we all?

This week has been a little disjointed, with a birthday celebration punctuating the workflow. Some things didn’t get done, and others I hadn’t been expecting, did.

Rag & Bones Final

The read through of this book was finished and I did start the read out loud. There is still about one third of the book to complete in this round. I’ll continue with that in the coming week and I’ll start formatting for paperback – I think I’ve chosen a picture for the cover, so I can do that as well. If I finish that, I’ll start another read out loud, write a blurb, etc.

Norse Novels

No further plotting was achieved this week. If I can do some in the coming week, I will, but I’m not committing to anything.

Other Projects

I did a little on the non-fiction book, but not much. Once again, I don’t expect to get much done this week.

I also wrote a short story. It’s only in very rough draft at the moment and handwritten. At the very least, I hope I’ll be able to type it up this week. There’s also another anthology I’d like to submit to, but I haven’t properly formulated an idea for that one yet.


Monday: 146 m
Tuesday: 178 m
Wednesday: 42 m
Thursday: 120 m
Friday: 90 m
Saturday: 51 m
Sunday: 43 m

Total: 11 h  10 m

Books Completed

Butterman (Time) Travel Inc by PK Hrezo
Halfling by Tarisa Marie
The Importance of Book Cover Design and Formatting for Self-Published Authors by JD Smith


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