Progress Report: 14/03/2016 – 20/03/2016

Welcome to week twelve.

Yay! The days are now going to be longer than the nights. Can’t wait until the clocks change. It’ll feel like summer. Except for the temperature, of course. Can someone do something about that, please?

Rag & Bones Final

This is basically done now, apart from the covers. Hopefully, I’ll get time to do that this week, but as it’s a short week, with Easter coming up, it might not get done.

Norse Novels

I’ve done a little more planning for book two, but not much. I will be starting on another edit of book one this week. I’ve also been playing around with formatting for the print book. I’ve downloaded a couple of fonts, free ones, for commercial use, which I’ve never done before. I was surprised at how easy it was to install them. I don’t know what I expected, but something far more complicated than clicking an install button and then having it in all my applications. Wish I’d done it before. You live and learn!

Other Projects

The non-fiction book has progressed and is now at first-draft stage. I hope to do more on it in the coming week, but am not going to force it if there’s no time.

I’ve also written 3 short stories and have written notes for another. Two are for anthology calls. One was prompted by a picture I saw. Another was a silly thing revolving around a conversation on Instagram. I’m really liking Instagram by the way. I hope that continues.

Anyway, neither of the anthology calls are really urgent, so that’s okay. The other unplanned story needs a home. I was hoping to find an anthology for it, but nothing yet. If I can’t find anything in a couple of weeks, there is something else I might try.


Monday: 117 m
Tuesday: 149 m
Wednesday: 66 m
Thursday: –
Friday: 66 m
Saturday: 48 m
Sunday: 181 m

Total: 10 h  27 m

Books Completed

Didi and the Gunslinger by Patti Larsen
Ecstasy (Debt Collector) by Susan Kaye Quinn
Broken (Debt Collector) by Susan Kaye Quinn


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