Progress Report: 21/03/2016 – 27/03/2016

Welcome to week thirteen.

Well, so much for lighter evenings. The first day of British Summertime and we have a storm darkening the skies. Can’t wait for the weather to get a bit warmer.

Hope you didn’t eat too many Easter eggs, or that if you did, you survived without feeling too sick!

Norse Novels

As expected, this was the only major project I worked on this week. I’ve gotten to the end of Chapter 10 so far, and I’m still adding words as I go. I’m somewhere between 67k and 68K at the moment. As there are about 30 chapters, I expect to be well over the 70K mark by the time I’ve finished. I think that’s going to take me most of this week. If I finish, I’ll finish off some of the other things I mentioned last week, ready to start on the second book next week.

Other Projects

I had one of the stories I sent off last year rejected this week, but it wasn’t a bad rejection. It was as good as it gets with rejections.

I wrote another impromptu flash fiction on Instagram. This may be becoming a habit.


Monday: 99 m
Tuesday: 163 m
Wednesday: 45 m
Thursday: 41 m
Friday: –
Saturday -:
Sunday: –

Total: 5 h  48 m

Books Completed

Driven (Debt Collector) by Susan Kaye Quinn
Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent by Kristy Tate


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