Progress Report: 11/04/2016 – 17/04/2016

Welcome to week sixteen.

Norse Novels

As planned, I worked on the second Norse Novel this week. I’m still managing 3K per day of new words, even though some days I really have to force the words out, and I’ve also started some editing of the first chapters. The total now is just under 42K. I’ve still got new story to write, but as last week, I’m not sure if it’ll last out the week. If it does, and I’m still writing 3K per day, I will end up over my 60K, which will be high for a first draft for me. I don’t really expect it to, but I might still make the 60K with the edit where I can fill in some of the gaps.

Other Projects

I still haven’t sent that short story off. I’m not sure I’m going to now. I can’t really explain why. Maybe, I don’t think it’s good enough. Ah, well. We’ll see.

I’m still writing lots of flash fiction (on Instagram, if you’re interested).


Mon: 49 m
Tue: 147 m
Wed: 136 m
Thu: 38 m
Fri: –
Sat: 123 m
Sun: 68 m

Total: 9 h  21 m

Books Completed

The Making of Gabriel Davenport by Beverley Lee


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