Progress Report: 25/04/2016 – 01/05/2016

Welcome to week eighteen.

And it’s another Bank Holiday weekend. Yay!

Norse Novels

This week has been a busy week. I finished the first draft of Norse 2. I also finished the paper edit of Norse 1. That means I now have a huge pile of paper with marks on that I have to transcribe next week. I reckon that’ ll take most of the week, especially as Monday is effectively removed from the equation. If I do get that edit transcribed, I’ll start a Kindle read through of the text.

Other Projects

The non-fiction book I was working on is more or less there for the eBook. I’m still working on the cover and I have to put it into paperback format as well. I hope to get most of that done in the coming week.

I also submitted a flash-fiction to a competition and wrote another for an anthology that I need to submit in the coming week.


Mon: 101 m
Tue: 164 m
Wed: 98 m
Thu: 151 m
Fri: 160 m
Sat: –
Sun: –

Total: 11 h  14 m

Books Completed

Ruthless (Debt Collector Series) by Susan Kaye Quinn
Passion (Debt Collector Series) by Susan Kaye Quinn
Ragnarok by A S Byatt
The McCall Initiative by Lisa Novak




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