Progress Report: 02/05/2016 – 08/05/2016

Welcome to week nineteen.

So, I’m either doing something really silly, or scheduled posts aren’t working properly, because last week’s post didn’t turn up again. It’s probably me. I’ll try to remember to check this has posted tomorrow.

Anyway …

Norse Novels

I completed the transcription of all the paper edits for book one and re-read each chapter as I went for any more edits. Today, Sunday, I started a read-through on the Kindle. I’ll continue that over the coming week and also start a screen edit of book two. Hopefully, I won’t get too confused between the stories!

Other Projects

I sent off my flash-fiction story for the anthology that I mentioned last week.

I’ve also made progress on the non-fiction book. I have the ebook cover done and the Kindle version ready to go. The print book is formatted. This week I hope to get all the other versions uploaded and to make everything live.


Mon: –
Tue: 152 m
Wed: 58 m
Thu: –
Fri: 58 m
Sat: 143 m
Sun: 184 m

Total: 9 h 55 m

Books Completed

Restore (Stories of Singularity) by Susan Kaye Quinn
Containment (Stories of Singularity) by Susan Kaye Quinn
At the Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald
Bed of Bones by Cheryl Bradshaw


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