Progress Report: 16/05/2016 – 22/05/2016

Welcome to week twenty-one.

Norse Novels

This week I finished the screen edit of Book Two and I printed it out ready for a paper edit. I also formatted Book One for print, so that the next run through will be a read out loud on Kindle. Next week, I start writing Book Three. I’m pantsing this one more than the first two, but I do know where it starts, ends and some of where the characters are going in the middle. I’m not sure whether I’ll manage a 3K per day rate, but I’ll try. There might be a few interruptions to my writing over the next couple of weeks, though, so it won’t be a straight run through.

Other Projects

I finally finished the non-fiction book and got it out. Yay! That’s a relief. Nothing much else to report on other projects this week.


Mon: 84 m
Tue: 140 m
Wed: 36 m
Thu: 87 m
Fri: 59 m
Sat: –
Sun: 215 m

Total: 10 h   21 m

Books Completed

Third Daughter by Susan Kaye Quinn
Defiance by Susan Kaye QuinnAugment by Susan Kaye Quinn


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