Progress Report: 30/05/2016 – 05/06/2016

Welcome to week twenty-three.

Norse Novels

This week has been a little up and down in terms of production. Monday was out completely because of the Bank Holiday and Thursday was unproductive because I had to take my car into the garage. So, on the other days, I managed my 3K, but my total isn’t as high as I might’ve liked. This coming week I’ll continue to write Book Three. I expect I might come to the end by the end of this week. I know this novel is more sketchy than the other two on first draft. There is a lot to add in and fill out, so I expect the rough draft total to be lower than the other two. I might be wrong, we’ll see, but that’s how I expect it to pan out.


Mon: 146 m
Tue: 111 m
Wed: 123 m
Thu: 129 m
Fri: 188 m
Sat: 292 m
Sun: 204 m

Total: 19 h  43 m

Books Completed


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