Progress Report: 06/06/2016 – 12/06/2016

Welcome to week twenty-four.

Norse Novels

This week I finished the rough draft of Book Three. It is quite short as I expected, but I know there are a lot of words to add, so I’m not worried about that. I have also started looking for cover images for the books. I’ve found images for Book One, which I’m very happy with. I’m struggling with images for Book Two. I won’t buy any of them until I have a mock-up of Book Two. So that will be an evening perusing task until it’s done. Next week I’ll start with the read out loud of Book One, which I’ll do with the paperback version open as well as the eBook. When that’s finished, which I expect to take two to three days, I’ll start on the paper edit of Book Two. There will be some disruption to my working week on Friday, as I have an appointment to go to which is expected to take half the day, and afterwards I probably won’t be up for working. Apart from that, it should be a normal week.

Other Projects

I’ve started working on putting together an anthology of my Instagram stories, as there was some interest in this. I think I’m going to make the cut-off date for new stories at the end of June and then get it ready for publication in September. This will be a side project, and as I’m intending to do some quite fiddly formatting with it, it will take some time. Writing the flash fiction on Instagram has been a lot of fun, so I hope it’s worth the effort putting it together like this. Who knows, there may be more than one of these eventually.


Mon: 150 m
Tue: –
Wed: 30 m
Thu: 30 m
Fri: 119 m
Sat: 9 m
Sun: –

Total hours: 5 h  38 m

Books Completed

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson (audio book)
Classic Vampire Short Stories by Various (audio book)


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