Progress Report: 20/06/2016 – 26/06/2016

Welcome to week twenty-six.

Norse Novels

Well, I completed the paper edit of Book Two, but didn’t get any further. This was partly because of the trauma of the referendum result and partly because I decided I needed to do some tidying up of my office over the weekend. So, this week I need to read through the changes I’ve made, as I haven’t done that yet and if I complete that, which I should, I’ll start on Book Three again.

Other Projects

I haven’t done anything further on these. I’m still trawling for cover images, but haven’t decided on any specific idea for Book Three yet.


Mon: 97 m
Tue: 96 m
Wed: 86 m
Thu: 45 m
Fri: –
Sat: 92 m
Sun: 231 m

Total: 10 h  47 m

Books Completed

Atonement by Ian McEwan



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