Progress Report: 27/06/2016 – 03/07/2016

Welcome to week twenty-seven.

Norse Novels

I finished the edit of Book Two this week and started on the rough edit of Book Three, but that was only one day. I think I might have a slight case of editing fatigue as it was quite a struggle. Anyway, I gave myself a day off to do something different on Sunday, so hopefully I’ll be a little fresher for the coming week. I hope to finish going through the rough draft this week, but it might take the whole week.

Other Projects

Still haven’t done any more image searching this week, but I have spent a fair bit of time on my short story book, so that’s good. I’ve decided that the cut-off date for new stories was today (Sunday). So I can begin to finalise the formatting and get the front and back matter sorted. Then, I’ll have to think about the cover.


Mon: 87 m
Tue: 102 m
Wed: 244 m
Thu: 50 m
Fri: 89 m
Sat: 69 m
Sun: 145 m

Total: 13 h  6m

Books Completed

How to be a Cat by Matt Haig (audio)
Aim High by Tanni Grey Thomson (audio)
Hear the Wind Sing by Haruki Murakami (audio)


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