Progress Report: 04/07/0216 – 10/07/2016

Welcome to week twenty-eight.

Norse Novels

I continue to work on the rough draft of Book Three. It’s going to be at least another week of work to finish and achieve a first draft, which will be interrupted as I won’t be working next weekend (because it’s my birthday). I’ve added several thousand words to the draft so I’m not far off the 60K target for the first draft.

Other Projects

I’ve also spent another day on sorting out my short story collection. I have all the stories in the file. Now, I just need to make sure it all looks good. I also need to devise a cover. I know what I want to do for it, just got to make sure I achieve the effect I want.


Mon: 120 m
Tue: 51 m
Wed: 54 m
Thu: 40 m
Fri: 51 m
Sat: 149 m

Total: 9 h  42 m

Books Completed

Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf
Peter Pan by J M Barrie


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