Progress Report: 11/07/2016 – 17/07/2016

Welcome to week twenty-nine.

Norse Novels

I managed to finish the first draft of Book Three, which is better than I was expecting. It’s still only about 57K words, but that will undoubtedly increase when I do the next edit. I will probably do the final pass on Book One next week with the intention of having it ready to go, but not published, because I need to have Book Two available for pre-order before I do that. I hope to have that all sorted by mid-late August.

Other Projects

I spent Thursday and Friday working on the short story book. I will continue with this as my first project next week. I want to be able to order a proof copy by the end of the week.


Mon: 82 m
Tue: 156 m
Wed: –
Thu: 50 m
Fri: –
Sat: –
Sun: –

Total: 4 h  48 m

Books Completed

Isle of Winds by James Fahy


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