Progress Report: 08/08/2016 – 14/08/2016

Welcome to week thirty-three.

Norse Novels

I finished the work on Book One and am now waiting for a proof copy of the book. The cover and the extra graphics took a while to sort, but hopefully they’ll look good. Didn’t do anything on Book Two, but will do the final read through this week and then work on finalising the book and the cover for this. I want this ready to go when I release Book One, so this is my main priority this week. If there’s any time, I’ll start an edit on Book Three, but I don’t expect to get to that until next week.

Other Projects

Finally managed to sort the problems with the file for this (on my own) and am waiting for another proof just to make sure everything’s okay.

I also did some work on my end of year accounts. I hope to send them off next weekend.


Mon: 66 m
Tue: 60 m
Wed: 42 m
Thu: 57 m
Fri: 50 m
Sat: –
Sun: 65 m

Total: 5 h  40 m

Books Completed

Colors of Immortality by J M Muller


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