Progress Report: 15/08/2016 – 21/08/2016

Welcome to week thirty-four.

Norse Novels

Well, Book One is now complete in as far as the paper copy is concerned and final copies have been ordered. I need to finalise the eBook copies in both mobi and ePub this coming week. Book Two is also close to being finished. The paper book is formatted and cover drafted. I also need to finalise the eBook. I’l try to do that this week as well. As it’s a Bank Holiday next weekend, that’s probably all I’ll get done.

Other Projects

The short story book is finalised and copies ordered. Once I have those, I will need to decide on a final release date.

I didn’t do any admin this weekend. I’ll try to do that during the week, as well.


Mon: 50 m
Tue: –
Wed: 45 m
Thu: 55 m
Fri: 105 m
Sat: 80 m
Sun: 89 m

Total: 7 h  4 m

Books Completed


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