Progress Report: 22/08/2016 – 28/08/2016

Welcome to week thirty-five.

Norse Novels

Book Two is pretty much ready to go now, but isn’t properly uploaded to all platforms. I won’t do any more of that until I have the copies of Book One, which should be by the end of the coming week. I did start an edit of Book Three, but hardly any done so far. That will be my main project next week. Hopefully, I can get a full pass done, but it is a short week with the Bank Holiday.

Other Projects

Only other thing this week was doing some admin.


Mon: 85 m
Tue: 116 m
Wed: 104 m
Thu: 125 m
Fri: 319 m
Sat: –
Sun: 133 m

Total: 14 h  42 m

Books Completed

The Collected Stories of Arthur C Clarke, Volume One (Audio)
Stella’s Awakening by R K Ryde


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