Progress Report: 12/09/2016- 18/09/2016

Welcome to week thirty-eight.

Norse Novels

Book One, Beyond the Third End, is now up for pre-order (ebook only), with a release date of 30 September. I intend to have Book Two on pre-order by the time Book One goes live. That shouldn’t be too difficult. All the pieces are in place. This week I’m going to have non-writing stuff going on, so I’m not committing to finishing anything in particular. I’ll just see how it goes.

Other Projects

Nothing to report on the writing front. However, this coming Saturday, the 24th, a group of authors (including me) are holding a Bookstagram Gala on Instagram. Do pop along and join in if you’re around.


Mon: –
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Sun: 407 m

Total:6 h  47m

Books Completed

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