Progress Report:21/11/2016 – 27/11/2016

Welcome to week forty-eight.

Norse Novels

The last book in the series, that I stared during NaNo, I decided needed to be started again. I really didn’t like what I’d written so far, but I’d only done about 16K on this book, so it wasn’t too far in. I’ve already written about 9K of the new version and I like it so much better. It was definitely a good idea to start again. I will do more this week, but I won’t be working on it every day. I need to get the cover sorted for book three and have that up for pre-order when book two goes live, on Friday.

Other Projects

I did start editing the other NaNo novel, but decided to abandon that until I had written the above.

I have also been writing some Christmas stories, which I’ll be sending out to people who have supported me on Instagram. But, shush, don’t tell them. 🙂


Mon: –
Tue: –
Wed: 33 m
Thu: 130 m
Fri: 89 m
Sat: 130 m
Sun: 66 m

Total: 7 h  28 m

Books Completed

No Time Like the Past by Jodi Taylor


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