17/04/2017 – 23/04/2017

Hi, everyone.

This week I have continued with the paper edit of the fourth book in the Midgard Born Series, which I can now reveal is called Ruled by Choices. I have ended up adding quite a lot of extra text, by hand at the moment as it’s a paper edit, which means I’m only about halfway through the manuscript. I will continue with this over the coming week.

Also, over the weekend, I did a Kindle read-through edit of Malice and Madness. This has added another 1.5K words, so it is now officially a novella. There won’t be many more words added, if any. It’s resting during the week again while I continue with Ruled by Choices. I might do a read-out-loud edit next weekend, if things are going well. If I do, I hope to then put it up for pre-order, probably for a release date in June.

This week I have completed reading the following books:

  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • Victoria’s Victorian Victory by Abigail Shepherd
  • The Hatter’s Wife by Anna B Madrise
  • The Manningtree Account by Becky Wright

Hope to see you all again next week (which I’ve just realised is another Bank Holiday, so may not get that read-out-loud done, after all).


10/04/2017 – 16/04/207

Hi, all.

This week I finished the paper edit of Malice and Madness and typed it up. I managed to add a further 3.5K words doing this, and there are still more edits to go. This is now resting as I start the paper edit of the fourth book in The Midgard Born Series.  I have done one day of this edit, and as it’s now a holiday weekend, I won’t be doing any more until Monday at the earliest, but more likely to be Tuesday.

Also, I decided to take all the Random short story books out of KDP Select and to take them wide to all retailers. This will happen gradually over May and June. At the moment, Random is on sale in the UK and US for £$0.99. The last day of the sale is Tuesday.

I finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I have another 4 books on the go at the moment (one a non-fiction). I hope to finish a couple of them next week.

That’s all for this week. See you next week.

03/04/2017 – 09/04/2017

First week back and I forget to write the post on the Sunday. Argh!

Anyway, what have I done this past week? Well, I continued with an on-screen edit of the fourth book in the Midgard Born Series, which I finished. It’s all printed out ready to do a hard copy edit. However, before that, I need to finish the hard copy edit of my second Hunter Vampire Chronicles short story. This is already half done. When I’ve done that I’ll type up the changes and get back to the other book. It’s a juggling game, as always.

Today, which isn’t really last week, but hey, this is my blog, was the launch of Metally Fatigued, the first of the short stories in The Hunter Vampire Chronicles. It’s Amazon exclusive, and in Kindle Unlimited, if you want to go and check it out.

Metally Fatigued Cover

Reading has been going better this week, but I haven’t finished another book yet. I hope to do that today, or tomorrow.

Hope to see you next week.

09/01/2017 – 02/04/2017

Hi, everyone.

Okay, so life took over, but I’m back to writing proper now, and I intend to start up my weekly posts again as from next Monday.

I’ve already updated the books for this year under the 2017 page. As you’ll see, I haven’t been doing much reading, either. Big sigh.

What have I managed to do writing wise? Well, I released Book Three in The Midgard Born Series, The Threshold of Truth. That was ready at the end of last year, so no work was needed. I’ve also written a short story for the new Hunter Vampire series, which is released next Monday. The second one in this series is also drafted, but is a little bit on hold now while I get back to Book Four in The Midgard Born Series. This is in second draft stage (the first draft was done at the end of last year), and is a bit of a struggle at the moment after so much time off, but this morning, I actually felt as if I was getting somewhere, which is good. That’s about it.

Anyway, if you’re still around, hope to see you next week.