09/01/2017 – 02/04/2017

Hi, everyone.

Okay, so life took over, but I’m back to writing proper now, and I intend to start up my weekly posts again as from next Monday.

I’ve already updated the books for this year under the 2017 page. As you’ll see, I haven’t been doing much reading, either. Big sigh.

What have I managed to do writing wise? Well, I released Book Three in The Midgard Born Series, The Threshold of Truth. That was ready at the end of last year, so no work was needed. I’ve also written a short story for the new Hunter Vampire series, which is released next Monday. The second one in this series is also drafted, but is a little bit on hold now while I get back to Book Four in The Midgard Born Series. This is in second draft stage (the first draft was done at the end of last year), and is a bit of a struggle at the moment after so much time off, but this morning, I actually felt as if I was getting somewhere, which is good. That’s about it.

Anyway, if you’re still around, hope to see you next week.


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