15/05/2017 – 21/05/2017

Hi, everyone.

This week I finished a screen edit of Ruled by Choices and started another paper edit. I will be continuing this during the coming week. It would be good to get that finished by Friday. I also put together a boxset of the three Random books, called A First Year of Random. This is now available on Amazon as an eBook, and will be available wide when all the Random books are out of Kindle Select, which will be in late June.

This week I finished the following book:

  • Wunderkids by Jacqueline Silvester

See you all next week.


08/05/2017 – 14/05/2017

Hi, all.

This week has been a little disjointed. I did work on editing Ruled by Choices on four days, but had quite a bit of interruption, so didn’t get as far as I might have liked. I did take a break one day and started on the next Hunter Vampire short story/novella (number three) and got 2.2K words written. This week it’ll be back to editing. Hopefully, I can get to the end of this edit and maybe do some more words on the Hunter Vampire story.

This week I finished reading the following books:

  • Solutions for Novelists, Secrets of a Master Editor by Sol Stein
  • How to Write Damn Good Fiction by James N Frey

Hope to see you all next week.


01/05/2017 – 07/05/2017

Hi, everyone.

This week I managed to finish the transcription of the Ruled by Choices edits earlier than expected. Yay! That meant I could go straight onto a Kindle read-through of Malice and Madness, which I completed, and followed it up with a read-out-loud. I’ve uploaded the file to Amazon, and even though I want to do another read before it goes live, I’m going to put it on pre-order this week. The release date isn’t until 26 June 2017, so there’s plenty of time. I’ll try to remember to post a link next week.

In the coming week, I’ll be doing another screen edit of Ruled by Choices. I added a lot of new text/chapters, which is basically first draft, so lots of tweaking will be needed. I don’t expect to finish that in one week, so am not planning anything else.

This week I finished two books. They are: Stories that Crafted the Earth by Adrian Beckingham and Solutions for Writers, Practical Craft Techniques for Fiction and Non-fiction by Sol Stein.

See you all next week.


24/04/2017 – 30/04/2017

Hi, everyone.

Little bit late today, but hey, it’s a Bank Holiday. 🙂

This week I finished the read-through of Malice and Madness and I started transcribing Ruled by Choices. I’ve only done one day of transcription, so that will be the priority for the coming week. Hopefully, it won’t take more than three or four days. If so, it’ll be onto a read out loud of Malice and Madness. We’ll see.

I haven’t done quite so much reading this week, so nothing finished, and the novel I’m reading is Lord of the Rings, so it’ll take me a while. Almost finished a couple of other books, though. So hopefully more to report next week.

See you then. Have fun.