10/07/2017 – 16/07/2017

Hi, everyone.

First things first. I’m posting this early today because I wanted you to know about a flash sale I’m holding on one of my books. Today only (17 July 2017), The Rag & Bones Novel Collection (that’s the entire series) is on sale for Kindle. Go and grab your copy now.

Flash Birthday Sale details

In other news, this past week, I finalised and ordered the proof of Ruled by Choices. I also did a read-through and two read out-louds of The Blood House. I’m nearly ready to put this up for pre-order, which will probably happen on Tuesday of the coming week.

Other things to do this coming week. Well, I want to get a boxset of the first two books of The Midgard Born Series made up, and I need to start on the fourth story in The Hunter Vampire Chronicles. The latter might be difficult, because I haven’t decided what the story is yet. 😦 I also have another project I’m cogitating upon and have had a little play with the beginning of. That one will remain project lips sealed for the moment.

This week I have completed five books:

  • Knights of the Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden (audio)
  • Writing for Children by Martha Robinson
  • Vampirates by Justin Somper (audio)
  • Mandalas by Laura J Watts
  • The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie (audio)


Until next week.




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