23/10/2017 – 29/10/2017

Hi, everyone.

As planned the paper edit for HV5 is now complete. That’s going to rest for a while before I do anything else on it. I also have two short stories ready to be submitted. I’ll just be doing one more read-through before sending them off. In other news, The Hunter Vampire Chronicles Boxset released on Sunday. It’s available from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Book Depository (depending on whether you’re interested in eBook or paperback).

Hunter Vampire Chronicles Boxset image

The Hunter Vampire Chronicles Boxset: Parts 1-3

So, this coming week, apart from the read-throughs, I’ll be working on a new project. I did start this, a while back, but I was just testing the waters with it to see if I wanted to do it. I have decided I do. I’m still waiting for the proof copy of another book. If that comes, it will take precedence, but that shouldn’t be for more than one day.

This week I completed reading one book:

  • Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (audio)

See you all next week.



16/10/2017 – 22/10/2017

Hi, everyone.

So, this past week, I ended up doing something completely different from what I intended. I was going to complete the paper edit of HV5, but when I started, I found I had no enthusiasm for it. I decided not to push through it. Instead, I looked through short-story anthology opportunities and found two I thought I might like to try for. I’ve written one of those stories now, which needs to be submitted by 1 November. I’m not sure whether I’ll try the other one, or not. No really good ideas have come to me yet.

In the coming week, I’ll have to finalise that short story and send it off, and decide on whether I’m going for the other one, or not. I also do want to do the HV5 paper edit. That’s more than enough for one week.

I didn’t complete reading any books this week.

See you all next week.

09/10/2017 – 15/10/2017

Hi, everyone.

This past week, as planned, I made HV5 into a proper first draft. It’s now waiting for a paper edit and resting for a few days. I didn’t receive the proof copy of the book I wanted to finalise, so I decided to finalise the HV boxset of books 1-3 and put the eBook up for pre-order (release date 29/10/17). I also uploaded all the individual novellas to all the other retailers, as they are now out of Kindle Unlimited. That was a mind-numbing task. Note to self: never get into a situation where you need to upload multiple books at once. And, of course, yesterday was the release day for Pixielated Evidence (HV4).

Pixielated Evidence ebook cover 2

Available from all major eBook retailers.

In the coming week, I’ll start on that paper edit of HV5. Hopefully, I’ll get it finished, but probably not transcribed, as I have family visiting for part of the week. Fingers crossed that the book (and other things) I’m waiting for arrive in the post.

This week I completed one book:

  • Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (audio)

See you all next week.

02/10/2017 – 08/10/2017

Hi, everyone.

As planned, this past week I wrote the first, rough draft of HV5. And that’s it. Nothing extra. Nothing less. 🙂 It ended up being around 14.5 K, which is quite high for the rough draft.

In the coming week I’ll be going through it again to make it a proper first draft. Filling in all the gaps, expanding the text, until it’s actually the novella it’s supposed to be. I expect that to take most of the week. I have to prepare a few bits for the launch of Pixielated Evidence on Sunday, as well. I’m also hoping that a proof I’ve ordered arrives this week, so I can go through it. We’ll see.

I didn’t complete any books this week.

See you all next week.

25/09/2017 – 01/10/2017

Hi, everyone.

Well, this past week I did finish my short stories (all three of them) and submitted them, but didn’t have time for anything else. Now, it’s a waiting game.

So, in the coming week, I’m going to write HV5. Hopefully, I can get the whole story done right through, so I can leave it over the weekend to revise next week. Obviously, there won’t be time for anything else.

This week I completed the following book:

  • A Conjuring of Light by V E Schwab

Hope to see you again next week.