11/12/2017 – 17/12/2017

Hi, everyone.

So, admin, admin, admin. And a read-through of the secret project.

This coming week I’ll be putting the finishing touches to the secret project and starting a draft of the second part of the secret project, secret 2. 🙂

Then, Christmas!

Technically, there should be another post on Christmas Day. That may not happen. We’ll see.

This week I finished the following books:

  • The Beyond Experience by Michael Reid Jr
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J K Rowling

See you all whenever my next post is.




04/12/2017 – 10/12/2017

Hi, everyone.

So, this past week has all been admin and tidying, except for one thing. The book proof I’d been waiting for finally arrived. At last! And now, the book is available for you to buy. It’s the paperback version of A First Year of Random, which is in a larger format, just perfect for your coffee table. 🙂 (See below, or go to my Instagram page for video and pics www.instagram.com/julietboydauthor.)

Image of A First Year of Random

This coming week I’ll be continuing with the admin. I’ve probably got at least a couple more days to go. After that, I’ll do another read through of the secret project. I’d like to get that as close to done as possible this week. That’s probably enough, with Christmas looming.

This week I finished the following books:

  • Sane New World: Taming the Mind by Ruby Wax
  • Authority by Jeff VanderMeer

See you all next week.

27/11/2017 – 03/12/2017

Hi, everyone.

So, what did I end up doing over the past week? Well, I worked on the secret project. I did a read aloud of HVC5. I also wrote and sent off a short story submission.

In this coming week I probably won’t do a lot of writing. It’s going to be an admin week. I was going to do this over the Christmas period, but then I decided why do I want to do mind-numbingly boring stuff during a time you’re supposed to enjoy yourself? It might not take all week, but I have quite a bit of stuff to sort out/tidy that isn’t writing-related, as well. Some of which I just need to sort so it can go up in the loft and be forgotten about.

This week I finished the following book:

  • Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff (audio)

And before I go, I have an offer on a couple of my books at the moment (see my website for full details at http://www.julietboyd.com).


See you all next week.