26/02/2018 – 04/03/2018

Hi, everyone.

So, this week, I started an edit of secret project 2 and the rest of the week I worked on the release of secret project … Oh, you want to know what it is? Okay, then. 🙂

The Goblin and the Stolen Ring Book Cover

The Goblin and the Stolen Ring is a book for children aged 8-12, and anyone who is young of heart. It follows the adventures of Sprout, who first came to life in the daily stories I posted on Instagram, as the result of a prompt. That first story developed into a series of stories, and now, it’s a book. This adventure takes that first adventure and greatly expands upon it, to make a 15,000 word chapter book. You can purchase it at most online retailers in eBook and paperback format. And yes, it was read, and feedback was given, by children of the target age, before publishing.

So, obviously, secret project 2 is also a Sprout story, and as I mention the title in the back of the first book, I guess I can tell you that, too. 🙂 It is, The Goblin and the Child Witch.

Therefore, the book I will be working on in the coming week is TGATCW, or maybe, Child Witch. We’ll see what I feel like typing next week.

This past week I finished the following book:

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain (audio)

See you all next week.


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