03/04/2017 – 09/04/2017

First week back and I forget to write the post on the Sunday. Argh!

Anyway, what have I done this past week? Well, I continued with an on-screen edit of the fourth book in the Midgard Born Series, which I finished. It’s all printed out ready to do a hard copy edit. However, before that, I need to finish the hard copy edit of my second Hunter Vampire Chronicles short story. This is already half done. When I’ve done that I’ll type up the changes and get back to the other book. It’s a juggling game, as always.

Today, which isn’t really last week, but hey, this is my blog, was the launch of Metally Fatigued, the first of the short stories in The Hunter Vampire Chronicles. It’s Amazon exclusive, and in Kindle Unlimited, if you want to go and check it out.

Metally Fatigued Cover

Reading has been going better this week, but I haven’t finished another book yet. I hope to do that today, or tomorrow.

Hope to see you next week.


The End of the Year Post 2015

Okay, so I’m not really here publishing this on the stroke of midnight on new Year’s Eve. No, really, I’m not. I’m probably having a drink to bring in the New Year and watching the Jools Holland Hootenanny on the TV.

So, Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog.

Goodbye 2015

This past year, for the most part, has been productive. I published:

  • 3 books in the Rag & Bones series
  • The Survival Project Duology (and boxset on Amazon only, so far)
  • Glamoured
  • A couple of Rag & Bones Shorts

It’s slightly less than I wanted to publish. I wanted to get the classroom novel out and to get some of the non-fiction I was working on a few months ago out as well. Unfortunately, the disruption to my life at the end of the year made this impossible. I still think it was a good amount of work to get out, but no one is ever entirely satisfied with what they’ve done.

I also wrote the first book in another series during NaNoWriMo. Obviously, there’s still quite a lot of work to do on that, and as it’s part of a series, I want to have written at least one more book before I publish it.

On the reading front, I read a lot of books and short stories. I’m not going to count them up here, but you can have a look at the 2015 page if you want to see what I read. I didn’t enjoy all the books, but I finished them all. I think, when you’re a writer, you need to read things that aren’t in your genre, or your ‘bag’ so that you know what’s out there, and to learn from what other people are doing. There were one or two books I gave up on, but those are not on the list. One book even inspired me to write my NaNo novel, so that was good.

Hello 2016

So, what’s planned for 2016?

  • First up, to get the classroom novel out. That I want to do by the end of January, latest.
  • Second, I want to write the first draft of the last book in the Rag & Bones series by end January, as well.
  • Third, I need to edit book one in the NaNo series and write book two. If I aim to write the draft of book two by end of February, but not be too strict on it, I think that’s a good target. Obviously, after that’s done I’ll need to write book three and to think about publishing them. No date for that. It’s too far out.
  • And then, there’s the non-fiction. Some of it is pretty close to publishing standard, some still has to be written as first draft. I think I’ll publish the books in stages, as I missed the Christmas sales period. Perhaps, one a month, January through April. That might be a little ambitious, but I’ll try.

Anything later in the year is up for grabs. Even so, that’s already eight books I’ve committed to publishing.

As far as the reading goes, well, I’ve still got quite a lot to catch up on stored on my Kindle, including the 10 books Kobo gave away for completing NaNo. I managed to transfer those onto my library app, so I don’t have to read them on my laptop, which is good.

Other projects? Who knows. I think I might do some more boxsets as the year progresses, just to be able to keep publishing things through less productive months. I think Glamoured and the classroom novel (I must decide on a final title for that soon) would go well together, and I’ve been thinking of putting all the Rag & Bones shorts together for a while. If I finish the final Rag & Bones novel, I can also make a big boxset for that, but maybe not publish on Amazon, so I can charge a realistic price for it.

And that’s about it.

Once again, have a great New Year, and keep reading and writing.


Progress Report: 11/08/2014 – 17/08/2014

Welcome to week thirty-two.

Rag & Bones – Kindred

The paperback version is nearly sorted. I got all the way through the text again, eliminating over a thousand words through revisions. I always find it amazing how reading something in a different format enables you to see it differently. I still have to finish the database updating. I didn’t do any of that on Saturday and Sunday and I’m beginning to regret that this morning as that is my main task for today.


I have continued to add more to my Midbury map, but there’s still a lot to do. I’ve also been working on some changes I’m going to make to my website on the Rag & Bones pages.

This week, after I’ve finished the datbase inputting, I’ll be taking break from Kindred. Firstly, to get a little distance againĀ  before I start on the Kindle version, but also because there are other things I need to do. The main one is to get my paperwork up to date and to submit last year’s accounts. I also want to complete the changes to the database and do some other admin tasks. Then, of course, we have a Bank Holiday weekend coming up when I won’t get much done.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

  • Monday: R 1hr
  • Tuesday: R 1hr 10, T 33m
  • Wednesday:R 2hr, T 35m
  • Thursday: R 40m, T 38m
  • Friday: R 1hr
  • Saturday: R 45m, T 33m
  • Sunday: R 35m, T 39m

Total hours: 10hr 38m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..

Progress Report: 04/08/2014 – 10/08/2014

Welcome to week thirty-one.

Rag & Bones – Kindred

I managed to get all the way through the book in six days (that’s roughly 11.5K per day), which was very satisfying. On Sunday, I checked on a couple of queries I’d marked up and also copied the book into the paperback format. Those of you who’ve been here a while will know that I do the paperback first, so that it always matches the eBook. Anyway, the words are there and ready to be read again – because it’s always good to do rounds of editing in different formats. This time round will likely be slower, though, because I intend to put the details of this book into the database as I go along. I don’t expect to get through it in less than 1.5 weeks, maybe more.

Rag & Bones Short Short

I did another round of editing on the very short story I mentioned last week. Should only need one more pass, I think.


As if that’s not enough, I started doing something else this week. Now that I have LibreOffice (must get on with those other database posts!), I have a proper drawing package. So, I started to draw out a proper map of Midbury (rather than the scribblings I have on a piece of paper beside me). There’s a long way to go, because I want to put as much detail in as possible for past, and future stories. When it’s finished, I might put it up here, as well as on my website.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week. I’m going to write this down differently this week. I’m not going to add up all the amounts for each day, just over the week. Yes, I know I’m confusing it, but it’s less fiddling for me – and this is my blog! So, R is for normal reading, sitting down.

  • Monday: R 1hr 30m, T 30m, S 40m
  • Tuesday: R 45m, T 31m
  • Wednesday: T 24m
  • Thursday: R 1hr 10m, T 31m
  • Friday: R 40m, T 33m
  • Saturday: R 35m, T 35m
  • Sunday: R 1hr 45m

Total hours: 10hr 9m


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..

Let’s Help Each Other

If you’re a Smashwords author published on Scribd., you’ll probably have received your free subscription by now. I’m just getting used to the format, but I’ve already read one book and am part way through another (both indie published).

I was thinking that this could be a great opportunity for indie authors to support each other, just be reading (which, of course, we all do, don’t we?). It isn’t like you’ll be taking a risk by picking a book by an indie author you don’t know, because if you don’t like it, there’s no cost in stopping reading.

I have decided that I will read at least one new indie author a month and if everyone with a free subscription could join in and do the same, that would be a big boost to all the, as yet, undiscovered authors out there.

So, if you would like me to consider one of your books published on Scribd, please leave the link to it (at Scribd.) in the comments below. I’m not going to guarantee I’ll read it, but you’re in with a chance. However, there are some rules (my preferences).

  1. No free books – that won’t benefit anyone, because I could download those from Smashwords itself.
  2. No erotica.
  3. No pure romance.
  4. Nothing with heavily described violence or gore.

Apart from that, I’m willing to give most things a go (but if it’s non-fiction, it would probably have to be about writing for me to want to read it). I will give all books I read a star rating, but don’t expect a five. A five, for me, has to be exceptional. You’re more likely to get a three or four (because if I liked the beginning enough to continue, it would have to be at least a three).

Here’s my page in case you wish to look up my books. Unfortunately, the Scribd. format makes all the covers look squashed (or maybe that’s my computer), and some of the Rag & Bones books still have their old covers (hopefully that will update over time).

Happy reading!


Reading Habits (5): Too Much of a Good Thing

Anyone who writes knows that they tend to read in a much more analytical way.

One thing that I’ve noticed about my reading is that I don’t like too much description. If I come across a passage where someone is describing every single detail about a room, or all the different flowers in a bouquet, my eyes gloss over and I find I’ve lost my place. Some of the books I’ve read recently have taken whole paragraphs describing a location or a situation, or even more and I can’t bear it.

I know that there are plenty of people who like this kind of description, and each to their own, but it’s not for me.

I guess it’s a bit like not liking pictures of the main characters on the front of a book. I want to be able to imagine them in my own mind. If you tell me every last thing about them, by giving me a picture, what is there left to imagine? Or it’s like watching the film before you’ve read the book. Your mind is then coloured by what was on the screen.

It’s probably also why I don’t like writing description very much. I always find I have to go back and add it in amongst all the dialogue I write in my first draft.

How about you? Do you like a lot of description, or just the bare minimum so that you can make your own pictures?

Progress Report: 04/03/2014 – 09/03/2014

Welcome to week nine. This week didn’t entirely go as planned. Although I’d planned to work on both Secrets and the Sci-fi Novel, I found that I couldn’t edit both alongside each other – it was too difficult to swap between them.


Rag & Bones: Secrets

Aim: To edit, Monday to Friday.

  • Monday: 3,350
  • Tuesday: –
  • Wednesday: –
  • Thursday: –
  • Friday: 6,977

Goal not achieved. Next week I will work mainly on this book, but without any specific targets .

Sci-fi Novel

Aim: To edit Monday to Friday.

  • Monday: –
  • Tuesday: 14,874
  • Wednesday: 23,778
  • Thursday: 30,872
  • Friday: 43,462

Although I didn’t work on this every day, I did go right through to the end. There is still a lot to do before I complete a proper first draft, but I won’t be working on this at all next week. It needs to rest.

Rag & Bones Shorts: 1941

Aim: To edit and prepare for publishing.

Goal achieved. This short is now published.

Other writring

I didn’t work on anything else this week, apart from a quick look over my NFFD competition entry, which I sent off.


Aim: To monitor time spent reading over the week.

  • Monday: 3.75
  • Tuesday: 2.75
  • Wednesday: 2.75
  • Thursday: 3.25
  • Friday: 2.50
  • Saturday: 3.25
  • Sunday: 2.75

Total hours: 21.00


Join me next Monday for another round-up of progress and if you’re also challenging yourself to a wordcount each week, let me know in the comments..